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Late-Breaking News From
the North Pole's Front Line!

12/09/99      *****      North Pole Central      *****      North Pole, Alaska

Santa Hangs Ten!

Mrs. Claus managed to capture a quick picture of Santa while he was out surfing during their vacation. Santa had to take a few lessons, but as you can see here he was finally able to stand up on the board and catch a few waves. We're STILL wondering why Santa does everything with his hat on hmmmmm.....Keep your eyes here for more pictures of their vacation and more stories about their adventures.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sometimes people eat a little too much at Thanksgiving dinner and Santa is no exception. Mrs. Claus made some delicious apple & pumpkin pies and Santa just HAD to have a few slices of each. Right now he's afraid that he'll get stuck in some chimneys while trying to deliver presents Christmas Eve (see picture on the left), and Santa is thinking about going to the gym to work out so that he can lose some weight (see picture on the right). Mrs. Claus thinks that Santa looks just fine and is silly for worrying. Besides, Santa's magic will help him get down any tight-fitting chimneys.

Our New Game!

Mrs. Claus got permission to put up the PacMan-type game for all of you to enjoy. To find it, go to the game page and read the instructions listed there. The game DOES take a while to load but we think you'll enjoy playing it.

Letters, we get LOTS of letters!

Wow, letters to Santa (and a few to Mrs. Claus too) are still arriving every day in our mailbox! Every letter gets read by Santa and Mrs. Claus each evening. While we would love to be able to write back to all of our friends, things are getting very busy up here at the North Pole. So even if you don't hear back from us, know that Santa sees every single letter that arrives. Keep those letters coming and watch here to find out who wins the contests!

Check back here next week to see what's going on at the North Pole!

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